The first PR award for small and medium-sized enterprises


Are you an entrepreneur?
A business owner or a manager?

Are you working towards growing your business and making it more visible?
Then this award is for you!
(the Russian version of the award is called "Gromche!", which means "Louder!" In English)
2023 "Gromche!" Award Winners
We are pleased to announce the "Gromche!" Award Winners
  • 1
    Klub priklyucheniy
    Effective Social Media Management
  • 2
    Novy Gorod
    Caring for Employees
  • 3
    GC Akademiya Rukovoditeley
    Anticrisis Communications
  • 4
    Mari immersive theater Kalyk Shynyk
  • 5
    Comprehensive Communications
  • 6
    Creative Video
  • 7
    Da!My v Biznese
  • 8
    Endowment fund Istoki!
    Partner Projects
  • 9
    Managing Feedback
  • 10
    Moy sklad
    Working with Media
  • 11
    Era Drummers
    Rapid Growth
We established the Gromche! PR award to recognize and celebrate the most noteworthy and interesting achievements of small and medium enterprises in the field of PR and communications.

SME is showing amazing flexibility and adaptability, invents new approaches and sets trends, improves customer service and teaches the market how to communicate with clients, partners and competitors. And we want to reward you for that.

We are looking forward to learning about your ideas and projects. We will support you on your journey to recognition and success. Your experience in business development, customer service and promotion deserves being mentioned as often and as loudly as possible!

If you want to support us, please contact us at

Valeria Mingova, founder of the Gromche! award
to participate
It is really important to know and to feel that you do not just make money and spend days and nights working, you create amazing things. Being praised and rewarded for your efforts, getting advice and encouragement can inspire and invigorate you.
Psychologists say that one of the best ways to understand something is to tell it to others. Working on your application will help you examine your business in detail and from various viewpoints, notice its strengths and weaknesses and find new growth opportunities. The best projects will be analyzed and evaluated by leading PR professionals, marketing specialists, entrepreneurs, investors and journalists. The best strategy ever!
Leading industry media will write about our nominees, we will tell about your business, about the reasons why you are amazing and everyone should work with you. We will introduce you to partners, investors and, of course, potential customers!
What can be better for business development than meeting successful people? You will be able to connect with entrepreneurs and experts, discuss your ideas and start new projects, network and find useful and interesting acquaintances.
Perks from our partners
Winners will get valuable gifts and prizes provided by our partners that will make an entrepreneur's life easier and better.
Our guests and partners include major companies, business incubators and hubs who are looking for unusual solutions that they can implement. This way participants will be able to find private investors.

Gromche Media

    What Gromche! winners say about the award
    • Anastasia Putimtseva
      Era Drummers
      I decided to apply for the Gromche! award because this is an amazing opportunity to "compete" with fellow entrepreneurs in your category and, looking at others, figure out how you can keep growing.

      Also, it is always nice when qualified judges value your efforts!

      Besides, as an event management company, we have participated in many awards as partners or simply suppliers.

      Unfortunately, many such awards are just fakes. You only have to pay and the trophy is yours (I cannot say that this happens everywhere and all nominees win this way, of course now, but this happens quite often) so it is especially good to know that this award is absolutely honest and well-deserved.
    • Endowment fund Istoki!
      Gromche! is the only award in the field of communications for small and medium-sized businesses, this is an excellent opportunity to show your projects to a professional jury and receive an objective assessment. Moreover, small businesses usually do not have large PR budgets, so every opportunity to get visibility is priceless. And finally, professional recognition and victories always inspire and give energy to move forward and grow.
    • Yegor Ivankov
      For several years I have been following the project Gromche! and I'm glad that the project is growing, expanding its audience and attracting new partners. For many entrepreneurs, it is important to promote their business, develop their own brand, and such projects with qualified expertise open a window of opportunity and allow them to express themselves, which is very important during a period of transformation and uncertainty.

      I would like to wish the organizers of the project Gromche! success, expansion of spheres of influence and new horizons!
    • Alexandr Khasanov
      Restoran iz banki
      I took part in the Gromche! award to, firstly, test myself, my abilities, and secondly, to see other projects. The victory inspired me to achieve even greater goals. I always advise other entrepreneurs to participate in various contests because it gives them a chance to evaluate and test themselves. There is no need to be afraid to experiment in business and in life in general, experiments provide us moral and psychological support and the potential for further growth.
    The first PR award for small and medium-sized enterprises
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