Louder Awards News

“How to make artificial intelligence work to promote a company" and other topics that we will discuss tomorrow at the long-awaited Gromche! award ceremony

The ceremony will start at 15:00 and will begin with networking. We advise you not to miss this opportunity — the networking game is a very exciting and useful way to share experiences and make new acquaintances.

Some more perks: during the breaks there will be four mini-lectures from respected speakers: the founder of Gromche! Valeria Mingova, business coach Zoya Yarlykova, culturologist Nina Benois and marketing professional Marina Sarycheva.

And the winners will be awarded by the organizers and respected members of the jury such as Elena Mingova, Stanislav Grushevsky and many others 🙌🏼

The business day will end with a networking game and will again bring useful contacts and new impressions. Isn't this the essence of PR?

Everyone is welcome! Don't forget to register - you can do this on the MBM website here.
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